Explain Everything for Enhanced Feedback

Shared by Jonathan White

The Explain Everything screen-casting app is one of the most flexible and powerful in our standard iPad toolkit. By allowing you to import media of almost any kind, and then record voice-over and live annotations, Explain Everything opens up loads of possibilities. I'd like to briefly mention a particularly useful one here:

Enhanced Feedback

This has been used successfully in MFL and is being trialed in some other departments. Teachers use the "Insert Photo -> From Camera" option in EE to photograph a handwritten piece of work. The recording features of the app can then be employed by the teacher in providing feedback. You can press the Record button (red dot button at the bottom of the screen), you can then speak your feedback. Any markup and annotation you may do on the work will be recorded as you make it. You can also use the laser pointer tool (cross-hairs icon) to draw attention to a particular part of the girl's work that you are discussing.

By giving girls this audio feedback, we can give them something akin to the feeling of personal attention they would receive from individually discussing their work with you without your losing the class time it would take to provide such personalised attention. It also allows us to engage multiple senses, allowing the girls to receive and better-process more information in a relatively short time by listing to your comments and watching your markup.

When you have finished your comments, you can save the file in video format to return to the student via Google Drive, by saving it into a personalised shared folder you have set up for that student. (Find out about how to create these folders with my blog post on the subject.)

How to Provide Feedback with EE

Start from 2:44. Keep in mind that at the end, we'd save to Google Drive rather than the Camera Roll. While newer versions of EE have a slightly different interface, the principles remain the same.

Wood, T. "iPAD Explain Everything Giving Descriptive Feedback." YouTube, 3 December 2013, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N2difIjCKE

An Example of Enhanced Feedback

Created in Explain Everything Classic - again, while the interface has changed slightly over time, the principles remain the same.

Nayer, Janet. "Giving Feedback with Explain Everything." YouTube, 27 May 2013, https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=uuF721u4xVo