Offline Files in Google Drive

How to make your files "available offline" in the Google Drive app

The Google Drive app on your iPad offers the very useful option to make certain files available for offline viewing. This is particularly handy when you know you are not going to have reliable WiFi where you are going, be it on holiday, on the train, on the moon, or in the living room. Watch the video to find out how it works:

iPad Tip - Offline Files.mp4

There are a few minor caveats to using Available Offline in Drive:

  • The file you make available offline will only be available offline on that device only.
  • Most, but not all, file types can be made available offline. If it’s not possible, the option won’t appear in the menu.
  • Folders cannot be made available offline -- only individual files. That means you have to make the available one at a time.
  • Files available offline take up storage on your device (albeit probably not much, depending on the file).
  • If you make changes to the file offline, those changes will be synchronised back into the original document when you reconnect your device to the internet. If, in the meantime, someone else has made changes to the file, this can create a version conflict. Look through the file’s revision history to see both your changes and your collaborator’s changes and choose your preferred version.