Redefining Teaching & Learning with Technology

This year the West London Apple RTC is running a Teacher Learning Community focused on "Redefining Teaching and Learning with Technology." The community meets face-to-face once per half term to discuss recent research related to educational technologies.

Fifth Meeting: May 2019

summary by Matt Corry with introduction by Jonathan White

Prior to the meeting, TLC members read the recent Institute for Effective Education report on audio feedback, based on a study at Notre Dame High School in Sheffield. We also learned about the older Sounds Good Project funded by JISC in 2008, and considered the value of giving students feedback enhanced by or exclusively in the form of audio, rather than the traditional written way. Technology has come some way since 2008, and integrating audio feedback together with other, more visual methods has become much easier thanks to applications like Kaizena.

In this meeting, Kaizena was also introduced to the group as part of the ‘new learning’. This software enables teachers to provide students with verbal feedback which can be accessed by the students using their iPads.

Prior to the meeting, members of the group had all been given a short assessment to complete and hand in (a ‘pretend’ piece of classwork). A virtual classroom was then set up by the teacher (delivering the INSET) and personalised verbal feedback was given to the teachers at the meeting on the work that they had submitted. Each piece of work had an overall verbal comment and each individual question had further comments, often using probing questions to help the learner think about how they could improve their answer. This enabled the members of the TLC to understand the software better from the students perspective: how to log into a classroom; how to enter a conversation and retrieve a piece of work; ideas about what constituted useful feedback, how to respond to the feedback given. The members then uploaded a new piece of work to the software at the meeting - this simulated an efficient way for a class to make their class work available to the teacher (using the Scannable app).

Subsequent to this, the members of the group set up teacher accounts so that they could learn how to set up classes for their own groups. Although it is early days for this technology, it was interesting thinking of different possible ways in which this could be used - providing recorded verbal advice relating to drafts of Personal Statements for Year 12, for example.

New Learning

Coats, James. (2019). Audio feedback: Evaluating the impact of feedback using an audio tool compared to written feedback. Institute for Effective Education. Available at:

Trying It Out With Kaizena