Screen Recording on iPad

Shared by Jonathan White

What is it?

Way back (in tech terms) in 2017, Apple added a great new feature with the release of iOS 11. This feature, screen recording, continues subsequent versions of iOS and iPadOS and gives you the ability to record whatever is happening on your device's screen, in manner of Explain Everything, but built in to iOS so that you can record in any app. Using screen recording, a student can, for example, summarise a topic area while referring to digital resources created or curated in any number of different apps. A teacher can offer verbal feedback on student work in any app, as well.

What is it good for?

Never forget the "why!" Screen recording opens the door for a lot of the same sorts of activities you can do with Explain Everything, with a couple of advantages. For one, it's built in to the iPad, whereas Explain Everything these days requires an annual subscription. For another, it lets you "app smash." You can switch between apps to your heart's content without interrupting the recording. Use Notepad and a stylus to work through a maths problem, recording the audio as well while you explain the process. Flip to a graphing app to take it further. Switch to a browser or the YouTube app to feature a real-world application. Do the same in Google Docs, while you analyse a piece of poetry, then flip to YouTube to listen to a recording of the poem read by the author. Screencasting like this is a very powerful tool for encouraging student metacognition, providing enhanced feedback, assessing student understanding, and creating flipped learning materials that leverage the power of dual-coding to better embed the information in students' minds.

How do I do it?

This is a feature that is turned off by default, so first we’ll have to enable it.

To do so, open the Settings app and choose Control Centre on the left side. Then choose the Customise Control Centre option. Find the Screen Recording feature and tap the green + symbol next to it. You can now leave Settings.

To use the feature, start by opening the Control Centre (pull down from the top right corner of your iPad's screen). The screen recording icon is two concentric circles, and it will appear near the right edge of the screen. To start recording, simply tap that icon. You’ll be given a three second lead-in and then the recording will start. While your iPad is recording, you’ll see a red icon near the top right corner of the screen where the WiFi and battery indicators are. To stop recording, simply open Control Centre again and tap the screen recording button a second time. A few seconds later, the video will save to your iPad’s camera roll.

You can also record from the iPad’s microphone in order to do voiceover at the same time. To turn this on, instead of simply tapping the screen recording button in Control Centre, leave your finger on it for a second or two. A menu will open with the option to toggle your iPad’s microphone off and on.