Socrative to Take Away

Shared by Jonathan White

As we enter exam season, revision is at the top of everyone's mind. Often we find that girls remember some of the quizzes we've run as formative assessment, and wish that they had them to use as revision tools. As Socrative is one of our top tools for this, the solution is easy, if not entirely obvious. Just because they're students, there is really no reason they couldn't "pretend" to be teachers, and make use of the Socrative Teacher app. In so doing, they can then import quizzes shared by their teachers and run them for themselves (or even each other) as often as they like while revising.

The process for this is fairly straightforward, and layed out in the video below that I shared with students this week. While it requires them to juggle between the Teacher and Student versions of the app, there's nothing stopping them from playing both sides on the same device. If you'd like to know more, have a look.

iPad Tip - Quiz Yourself.mp4